I’m officially obsessed with cucumber and tomato salads. I mean, I don’t even understand how a person can eat so much of it on a regular basis without turning into a cumato.

First 4th of July in awhile where I’m not drunk/drinking all day.

Also, I hear all the fireworks going off, but there is nothing to see for all the rain and heavy clouds. So it’s kind of defeating the purpose? Who shoots off fireworks for the noise? Other than the few people I know who love “3 Inches of Happiness”…

It kind of just feels like Thursday.

Seriously. What is everyone’s obsession with posting naked chicks and/or naked people doing it on the Tumblr? just because certain things are hidden doesn’t make it “artsy” - it’s kind of gross and pornographic. you’re all a bunch of sex addicts. Or something.

recovering from wisdom teeth removal, and then family was in town, and now i’m sicker than dog hating the world and this terrible sore throat. I’d love for life to go back to normal for a bit.

yea yea. first world problems, i get it. 

everyone’s allowed to complain a little bit every now and again.

The only thing on my mind today: tattoo time.  That, and smokehouse flavored almonds are the greatest.

It’s been a productive day.

Having the black dashboard for so long makes the Tumblr blue really vomit worthy. ugh.

Some people, man. I mean, really.

Haters gonna hate, always. Deal and adapt.


Shop the Emerald and the Beautiful Dress.

Totally just got this in the mail the other day. It’s my color, guys!


Shop the Emerald and the Beautiful Dress.

Totally just got this in the mail the other day. It’s my color, guys!

To the people who reblogged my Girl, Please image, thanks for taking all of the info off the post. You do realize it’s a flyer [made by me, thanks for the credit] for a college radio show and not some hipster image floating around on the internet, right?

Some people..

If I could actually draw and draw well, I’d try to become a tattoo artist. So many job openings all over the country. It’s insane. 

Sometimes I wish my apartment complex had those tube mailing systems like at banks, but they went to all the apartments in your building, or in your area. I think it would be a fun way to say hi to someone you’ve never met, or a more passive way to tell someone to shut the hell up and go to bed.

I’d send one to the guy across the hall. I’d stick a bottle opener and a bottle of beer in it with a note reading “I like to watch football and drink too. Invite me over sometime.” but without it having the creepy hint of ‘hey I’m desperate to have friends’ like I realize that could be read.

I’d also send one to the person directly above me. I’d send a few of my ninja and robot toys with a note that reads “Can you please stop stomping so much when you walk? I’m afraid my ceiling is going to collapse on me in my sleep.” But it wouldn’t be taken as rude or bitchy because I sent them toys, so it’s more of a suggestion.

My logic is sound.

I have 3 days to make 3 pieces of art for a show that I’m in last minute this Saturday night.

No pressure, right?

Now I just need to figure out what I’m going to do…

You’ve realized you’ve become a “real” adult when you’ve opened and made your very first contribution to your newly opened Roth IRA account. Life is scary and way too expensive.

Finally getting around to watching Breaking Bad for the first time. I know, I know. Under a rock. See you in a few days.

Spent all day reading up on taxes, investing, stocks, IRA’s, Roth IRA’s, CDs, etc. My brain has officially melted and I just want to move to the moon where none of this stuff matters. If anyone needs me, I’ll be hiding under the bed until the world ends.