I’ve started work on a new project, or potential new project, but I desperately need some honest and constructive feedback. I feel like they are missing something, but I’m not sure what. Or maybe they work the way that they are. I’ve been staring at these almost everyday for a month and would like a new pair of eyes.

The idea of speaking your true feelings and thoughts to someone is completely terrifying, and it’s even more awful and terrifying if it’s something negative and to someone you care a great deal for. While communication is the backbone of all relationships, it puts more pressure on both party’s shoulders; you want to be honest without being hurtful and sometimes it’s just easier to not say anything at all. The result is a few days of heartache followed by weeks and sometimes months of “what I should have said was…” or “I can’t believe I never said…”; it’s an afterthought of guilt, heartache, embarrassment, shame and unrealized honesty. These have become the letters I should have written you.

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  2. roseweightless-blue said: I really like it! But you’re right…there’s something missing. Maybe some scribbled out words? Circles from trying to get a dead pen to work? Dropped one and accidentally stepped on it/tore it? Although it is a terribly unique idea.
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